Konttaniemi Reindeer Farm is family owned farm, located along the naturally picturesque Ounasjoki River, only seven kilometres from Rovaniemi.
Life on our farm enjoys a special atmosphere with the seasonal changes experienced on the Arctic Circle.

Every day our lives revolve around reindeer, even if they freely roam the wilds for some parts of the year.
As our guest at the Reindeer Farm you will explore reindeer husbandry, its history and modern day.

Our farm is open only by bookings.

Book you visit in advance. Bookings can be made by email or by reservation form. Booking inquiries to be made 2 days before by 15:00. 
Minimum 2 adults. 

Weekly program 1.2.-31.3.2022 on Monday to Friday
Minimum 2 adults. Booking inquiries to be made 2 days before by 15:00.

10:00 visit, reindeer drive and coffee 35,00 eur / adult 20,00 eur / child (4-13 years)

13:30 visit, 3km safari and coffee 90,00 eur / adult 60,00 eur / child (4-13 years)

15:00 visit, 1,5km safari and coffee 70,00 eur / adult 40,00 eur / child (4-13 years)

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